Author Notes

Borrowing from my website, and site of an earlier blog, A Moment Rescued, I am still:

  • A student-seeker
  • A mentor-champion
  • A process artist-conversation host
  • An edge walker-bridge builder
  • A solitary soul-community impresario

and a wicked cook who specializes in creating one-off “silk purses” from leftovers.

But now, as I enter more fully my eldering years, and have experienced life-changing illness, I am delving more intentionally into my own creative wellspring. By becoming more contemplative, making time for writing, and inviting the world’s wild and cultured spaces to open my heart and mind, I form new impressions to inform my way of being with self and others.

“Throughout our lives, transitions require that we ask for help and allow ourselves to yield to forces stronger than our wills or our egos’desires. As transitions take place during our later years,
a fundamental and primal shift from ambition to meaning occurs.”

Angeles Arrien, The Second Half of Life

As a lover and now writer of an evocative poem, a new impression gleaned from travel, or a “deep breakfast” conversation, early mornings in the stillness and silence are my favourite time of day.

“I am my silence.
I am not the busyness or the daily rhythm of my actions.
I am not the stuff that constitutes my world.
I am not my talk. I am not my actions.
I am my silence. ”

Richard Wagamese, Embers
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