January 2020
It’s a new year, a new decade.
It’s time to more fully accept life’s invitation to slow down, notice, appreciate and allow.
It’s the early autumn of life when the shift from ambition to meaning, from outward to inner attention, when mentoring, companioning and eldering more insistently calls.

I am Katharine Weinmann, a self described “ambivalent” writer.
This, my newest blog, a commitment to the craft, chronicles through word, photo, thoughtful poem and quote, the beauty in my imperfect, sometimes broken, mostly well-lived and much loved life.
This, a wabi sabi life.

I hope the posts here inspire you, too, to slow down, notice, appreciate and allow your life to unfold in all its mess and mystery, with all its grit and grace.

And as we’re all in this together, I’d love for you to take a moment every now and then, and let me know how what you read here “lands inside” you, and share with others.

Let the beauty that you love be what you do.


We become an unshakably wise presence that harnesses the good, true and beautiful for the greater good of all concerned.

Angeles Arrien, The Second Half of Life

Thank you, and kindest regards, dear friends.

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Loved your poem Caprice. So evocative and loved how you had Springs dialogue italicized. Such strong powerful word choice and vivid imagery. Brava dear friend!


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